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If you like the vision42 proposal, please please sign our ONLINE PETITION.

or copy the following letter and send it to Mayor Bloomberg at:

Mayor Bill de Blasio
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Letter to Mayor de Blasio

To: Mayor Bill de Blasio
Dear Mayor de Blasio:

We urge you to reassess the role of the automobile in our pedestrian-and-mass-transit city. New Yorkers and visitors from around the world deserve an alternative to the current overcrowded sidewalks and sooty gridlock caused by cars and buses along 42nd Street. There is another way! Property owners, straphangers, tourists, theater goers, security consultants, disability advocates, and community groups are all getting behind the vision42 proposal to convert 42nd Street into a landscaped, auto-free light rail boulevard.

The vision42 plan can, within tight time and budget constraints, provide a low-floor, pedestrian-friendly light rail line running river-to-river in a dedicated right-of-way, within a vastly improved walking environment. It should very nicely complement the subways, creating first class surface transit that will be a truly effective competitor to private motoring. The landscaped, auto-free street will become a destination in itself, rather than a place to be avoided. And the vision42 project could even set the pace for a future network of such streets throughout the City’s five boroughs.

We hereby request the City of New York to seriously consider the vision42 plan as a dynamic alternative to the continued dysfunctional condition of surface transit and the walking environment on this very central street of our city and region.



vision42 needs your help to make our goals a reality.

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On August 10, 2008, the vision42 proposal was presented to the Annual Convention of the American Bar Association, at a well-attended session of the Section of Public Contract Law.  There was considerable interest in the extension of the line to create a continuous two-way light rail loop with 34th Street, as well as in the project’s projected annual economic and fiscal benefits, and in its potential for development as a public-private partnership.

If you'd like to learn more about vision42, its traffic impacts, its costs, and its (tremendous) economic potential, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the key findings of the vision42 Technical Studies, as well as the full reports - all available on this website.